28. februar 2024

XAI Quality Analytics Toolkit

The Idletechs XAI Quality Analytics Toolkit is a software package designed for online monitoring of manufacturing processes. The goal of the system is to track product quality and process conformity through different production steps, to provide a holistic, always up-to-date image of quality and changes in the process. The toolkit is based multiple components, including… Read more »

14. februar 2024

Robust sensor fusion

In many industrial applications we have data coming from multiple production steps and data sources, with different time-resolutions, properties, and behaviour. How do you combine these in a holistic way, while making sure that the resulting data is well-suited for automated analysis? Idletechs is a partner in the EU project Dat4.Zero on Data Reliability and… Read more »

Fish Cake AI

How can AI and IR-cameras assist in assessing food quality? Through the DigiFoods centre, Idletechs works with different XAI-applications for monitoring the quality of different food products, including the production of fish cakes! IR-cameras can provide high-resolution measurements of the surface of objects such as fish-cakes, but since the variation in fish cakes is large… Read more »